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All my life, or as far back as I can remember anyway, I have like creative writing. I even once wrote a story for my niece, Amy, called Amy and the Giant Avocado. Yes, I know it seems like a funny name and why an avocado…but Amy loved them so I created a story around it. Not a great story, but it was okay. I also liked to write poetry, kept a journal and wrote short stories and clips that I didn’t keep…then I found resume writing…creative writing at it’s finest! Why? Because it has to grab the attention of the reader, it must be catchy sounding, look great, look traditional but different, and the biggie…it must be TRUE! Let’s take a look at what it might take for me to help you write a resume ~ or ~ articulate what it is you do at work. Always remember that a resume is a sample of your work product so if it has words spelled incorrectly or other mistakes it will take away from the impression you are trying to make.

Most people know what they do at work. Let’s take a Receptionist for an example of what might happen when I get together to help with the resume. Here comes the question ~ ‘What exactly do you do at your reception job?’ and here comes the answer ~ ‘Well, I am a receptionist – I do receptionist stuff!’! Now I have been a receptionist and I have a pretty good idea of what a receptionist does but in every job I was a receptionist…I did many things that were different from the previous job. It is getting the information from another person that is the most challenging aspect of resume writing. Writing one is easy…I can even write it without you if you give me a good enough job title or similar titles so I can find the information but that doesn’t help you and it is my job, my mission, my goal to help you learn to tell others what you do. If you can’t tell me how are you going to tell an employer during an interview or tell someone you happen to be networking with at a job fair? The truth of the matter is that I usually have to pull the information out of most people because they know what they do but they don’t know how to say it. Let’s get back to our receptionist for a minute ~ ‘Okay, you say you do Receptionist duties but what does that mean ~ do you answer phones?’ ‘Of course I answer phones!’ ‘How many lines do you answer?’ ‘Tons of them ~ it’s a multiline switchboard that is the base answering area for the whole business and I make appointments for people! Duh!’ (I should have known that – how silly am I?) However, the reality is that answering phones is quite different than answering multiline switchboard phones, transferring calls, making appointments, and taking messages for an entire company and would be written very differently. So of course I know a receptionist answers phones but I want you to stand out from the rest of the receptionists applying for the job so we need to be detailed.

Staying with our receptionist for another moment let’s talk about customer service in the lobby of the business. ‘What else did you do?’ ‘I talked to people when they came in to the business, you know like a receptionist does! Duh!’ (Hmmm, guess I should have known that one too!) ‘When guests or clients come in did you just say hello, how are you today?’ ‘Of course not, I had to figure out what they wanted and where to send them!’ Now again I have something completely different than talking to people that came in the lobby; I now have ‘Greeted customers and clients, ascertained reason for visit, contacted the appropriate person, and ensured the clients’ needs were met while they were waiting’ Not to mention this one…remember those multiline phones? ‘Multi-tasked by answering heavy multiline phones, greeting and ascertaining customer needs, and inputting appointments into the computer system.’

We all know what we do at our jobs but we don’t always know how to say what we do. As an expert resume writer and certified career coach I have been trained to help you so you can communicate your assets and skills to an employer making you a great candidate for the position in question. Many of my colleagues look at me like I am crazy when I say that I love writing resumes, but I do love writing resumes. Sometimes it is the creativity that is needed, other times it is the balancing act of getting enough information on the resume without putting too much, and still other times it is to see the look on a persons’ face when they see exactly how much they have done, and how important they are/were to an organization. Every job has its purpose and a resume can be written to reflect not only that purpose, but the pride that a person takes in doing a great job. Need a resume? I can help…

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