Communication ~ Interviews ~ Non-verbal Impressions (part 6)

We have covered the self confidence level at varying degrees but since it is such a key element we are going to continue to discuss it and reiterate the points of importance. (Considering that all levels are important…I will probably cover all of the points more than once and some maybe even more than twice…so let’s get started)

Being self confident is a major key to the sales and marketing aspect of selling yourself. Think for a moment of a time when you purchased a product that worked so well that you wanted to tell all of your friends and coworkers about it because it was so amazing. Now take that same enthusiasm and sell and market yourself because honestly you need to be excited about the quality of work you do and/or how much you love what you do so you can sell yourself to others.

Remember…you are both the sales person and the product so you need to be confident in what you do and what you are capable of doing. It’s not just about what you have done but you must show a potential employer that you are also capable of doing any work that he/she needs and of learning quickly with enthusiasm and flexibility. Of course you will be telling them as you are speaking but your non-verbal communication can say things that contradict what you are telling them. Let’s go back to eye contact for a moment because it is part of your self confidence portrayal and use the eye contact as an example. Let’s say you are telling the employer that you are an honest and forthright person but the whole time you avoid eye contact and when you do look up there is fear and indecision in your eyes that says “I am not sure that I am confident in what I am saying”. If you aren’t sure, or your actions aren’t showing that you believe what you are saying…how do you expect the employer to be convinced? Honesty shows and it is imperative that everyone is honest during an interview so you end up in a job that is right for you and right for the employer.

Remember that employers don’t expect you to know everything and they are expecting to have some training time go into the person they hire so if you portray confidence in your ability to learn and show that you want to do the best job possible then you might be the person hired even if you have less qualifications or experience than someone else. Enthusiasm can take you a long way because employers want employees with good attitudes and if you are excited about what you do and are confident in your abilities and employer will take a long look at you because it is important to productivity to have workers that want to get the work done and get it done well!

Of course your enthusiasm will show through as you are speaking but the non-verbal actions must match the words. It shows clearly when a person is enthusiastic, excited, and has a great attitude in their actions because when you are excited about something the animation starts, the sparkle shows in the eyes, and a person tends to sit up taller and convey the excitement in many         non-verbal ways. Self confidence show in body language and voice and since you KNOW that you are great at what you do…make sure that you portray that confidence in all ways.

As I close I will leave you with a bit of information that has to do with communication but not actually non-verbal…Did you notice that I made the word “know” in the above paragraph in capital letters and made it bold and italic? Well the reason for that is simple…you never “think” “believe” or “feel” you are anything…you are always…Confident, Sure, or You Know…always leave out words that portray you as unsure or have the “maybe” connotation to them when you are trying to portray your confidence in yourself.

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