Aloha ~ I have returned from my anniversary trip

Aloha everyone,

I have recently returned from Maui where Doug and I celebrated our one year anniversary. We were married there last year so we went back to celebrate. It was amazing and I am refreshed and gearing up to give you some great info so look for new things over the next few days including an interview with Edward Beanes, Job Development Specialist and Sociologist at Napa Valley College.

See you soon


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“Loretta is a highly experienced and productive professional in the field of Workforce Development, Job Readiness, Career Counseling, Workshop Facilitation, and Job Search Preparation. I have worked with her closely for over six years, and she has consistently been a valuable, key resource in the employment community. For three of those years, she was at Napa Valley College as a resource specialist in their career center... 
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