I have taught customer service workshops for many years of my career as a Career Coach/Employment Specialist so when i get great customer service I feel that I should let people know about it. We recently had to purchase a new vehicle because both of my(fully paid for) cars were wiped out in my driveway by a drunk driver! Thankfully no one was injured…just my pocketbook!

But back to the customer service…Vallejo Nissan! 😎 We have been taking cars there for many years, I think since about 2004 and have always received great service and when I took my new Nissan Rogue in for the oil change last week I was reminded as to the reason I continue to go there…they are HONEST…and they are very friendly and pleasant to be around but honesty is so very important. We took our car to the dealer where we purchased the car for the first oil change and they said we needed the more expensive synthetic oil and we paid quite a bit more than we were used to paying for an oil change…but this time we took it to Vallejo because we dropped the service contract with the other shop so we could go back to Vallejo Nissan…

This is where the customer service and honesty real showed…imagine my surprise when Scott Schlattman came out and said…I was mistaken…you don’t need synthetic oil for this car because it is a 2013 and it wasn’t until the 2014 that they started using the synthetic so it will be $30-$40 less than we thought!!! That is honesty…we would not have known the difference because we had already been told and paid for a synthetic oil change at another dealership!

Thank you Scott and Vallejo Nissan for being an honest and fair…not to mention excellent mechanic shop where a female who knows nothing about cars feels safe bringing my car in! I can’t say enough about Vallejo Nissan because they are amazing in all aspects but since I teach Customer Service…I am qualified to make a statement that says…If you want to see what great customer service is really like…go to the shop at Vallejo Nissan and talk to Scott or Teri! I give Vallejo Nissan 5 stars…and think I will post this on my facebook page to share it even further!

Until next time…remember that when in the world of work you have both external customers and you have internal customers which are your coworkers and supervisors and they should be treated equally great so if you are out there job searching…treat everyone you meet with your great customer service skills and it just might help you get hired!

Happy Labor Day!

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