One of the worst type of people (in my opinion)


I genuinely do my blog (or did my blog before some factors forced me to put my website on hold) to help people who are job searching or need to change jobs. I actually could a different type of blog that only gives part of the information and force those in need to pay me. Yes, I do get paid to do this work…both at my day job…and when I work with Career Create clients…but I choose to also be my best self by giving back some of what was also given to me when I was in college…so when people go to websites to SPAM them, it is rude, uncalled for, petty, and in my opinion the people who do that (especially to websites that are trying to help people) are one of the worst types of people. If someone sent me a response to a blog and said “Hey, I am trying to make money by doing _____ do you mind just looking at my site and if you find it acceptable could you please leave the link at the end of my comments?” I probably would do that for them, if the website is appropriate and not something that people would find offensive.

I realize I have not been blogging like I used to and I plan to change many things as my life has been changing and I now feel the need and the want to get back to what I love; working with career changers, job seekers, people who need motivation, and helping those who request help with resumes (yes, if it is not one of my free blogs, there is a cost attached) but the blogging is to give information in a field that I have worked very hard to become an expert. I am proud to say that many people that I highly respect in this field (and other fields) have called me a “Master of my trade” and although I always seek to get better, do continuing education, and know I need to learn what is new and fresh, I won’t deny myself the honor I feel when I am called something special for the work I do. I do blush, sometimes I try to say that they might be exaggerating a little if I feel they are overdoing it, but I am an expert in my field and I am proud to be one of the many that I admire. My partner at my day job is also an expert in this field and I am fortunate to work with her.

So the fact that I do know what I am talking about and that I blog to help others and I get people who try to ruin that and undermine my website allows me to express my opinion that they are one of the worst type of people. Again this is just my opinion on the spammers who cause my website problems, take much of my time to sift thru my comments, and deliberately access a website with the intention of simply throwing as much unrelated stuff as they can…I have gotten the same spam sites with the same name with the exception of one letter…multiple times from the same people…those are the people that I am talking about, the ones who simply have no regard for anyone they don’t know who is trying to build something.

Again, just my opinion, I have had some people who make sure they leave valid comments as well as a “pitch” for their website but they at least read the blog, take time to actually understand and articulate the comments on the blog itself before plugging their own stuff!

I am now going to leave this particular blog and move on to think of another one that will give information to someone who may need it.

Have a great weekend all of you non-spammers out there…spammers have the kind of weekend you actually deserve.


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