Do you help when needed? Or…do you ignore the needs of others? Internal Customers…are still your customers!

I know a person who was walking thru the building where they work and a coworker asked if they knew how to do something on the computer that they could not figure out…the person stopped and took about 15 minutes out of their day to assist this other person and then told the person how they did it so they would know next time.

That is what “Internal Customer Service” is about! People talk about customer service all the time…what is it? How do you best treat a customer? However, very often people only think and/or care about the external customers and forget to treat those they work with everyday with the same courtesy. We are all customers to each other at work and if you would not behave a certain way or speak a certain way to the external customers, why would you do it to your coworkers/internal customers?

Would you run to your customers and spread gossip about someone? Probably not. Would you expect your external customers to jump into your conflict? Probably not.

Let’s think about how we are behaving toward ALL of our customers. You may be hurting someone simply by thinking that they are not an “external customer” so they don’t qualify as a person who deserves the same respect.

On the other hand…let’s play devil’s advocate for a moment…should you have to treat internal customers with respect if they are not respectful? Maybe/Maybe not…what do you all have to say?

I have my own opinion and will post that in a few days…until then…what do you all think????

Have a great weekend…and don’t spread rumors or hurt others if you can help it.

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