Let’s talk about work…

I am curious…what is your work culture like? Do you have a workplace that is casual, casual dress, casual-sort of personal conversations, employees hang out together, talk about what a great family you all are together, and get along without trying to hurt each other, the boss is in with the crowd, or at least gets involved in things like company parties? Do you know the names of your coworkers family (partner, children, grandchildren), or do you know that they have children or grandchildren but don’t really know much about any of them? Connected on social media?


Do you have a workplace that is all business all the time, business attire, no chit-chat on company time, people don’t really get to know each other off work, the boss is separate as much as possible and if there is a company function (let’s say lunch-time Halloween get-together since it is October) makes an appearance, maybe has a small plate but doesn’t really socialize? Do you know anything about your coworkers family or at the very least see pictures on a desk and maybe make a comment? Are you connected on Linkedin or any other social media site?


Do you have a workplace where you get to do your own thing…you wear what you want, you are able to work hours you want, spend time out and about doing company business, be creative if you want or need to be? Can you bring your kids to work if needed? Do you know any personal things about your coworkers lives? Are you connected on social media?

Let me think….

How about…do you have a workplace where it is a combination of things: you dress in business casual attire and maybe have a casual Friday thing happening, you are friends with coworkers, sometimes you hang out but not on a regular basis, at work you can take time to chit-chat with coworkers, the boss is friendly and approachable, participates in parties, allows time for people to plan them and attends, the boss doesn’t make a fuss if people chit-chat at each others desks as long as all the work is getting done? Are you connected on social media and do you comment on pictures or endorse coworkers?

What is the norm? What should it be? Should there be people saying we are a family? If you do say it, should you mean it in a real way, or is it just a figure of speech and you should not take it to heart? Please go to my blog post and give me  your idea of your work, tell me how you feel at work, how do you think it should be, what is acceptable and what is not?

I am just wondering how people see and feel about the workplace, either where you work now or where you have worked in the past, even your ideal workplace would be great to hear about. I am thinking of doing a more formal study and I would like to start with you and if I do write an article or possibly and ebook…sharing your ideas will be important to me since you are my first participants.

Use different name if you feel better doing so…but please give me some feedback on this question that I am trying to answer…how many people are working in the environment they would choose if they ran that business and are you happy where you are?

Thanks for the help…

Coach LPD

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