Loretta Perry GCDF/Career Coach/Resume Writer/Motivational Coach and Speaker
Global Career Development Facilitator
Certification through (CCE) Center for Credentialing and Education

Hi…I’m Loretta, let me help you with your employment goals. I have many  years of experience in workforce development and have successfully worked with both career seekers and employers to help them reach their goals. Many clients have found success, satisfaction, and true enjoyment in their careers with some guidance. I have built a strong reputation as an honest, caring, and reliable coach who truly cares about my clients. I will be your support, mentor, coach, and biggest cheerleader while you find and reach your goals!

My education is from Napa Valley College with my certification as a Global Career Development Facilitator, Associate degrees in Social/Human Behavioral Science, and Administration of Justice. All areas of studies were focused on helping others and “giving back” to make the world a better place.

I am an expert resume writer and career coach with an exceptional rapport with my clients. Known and recognized for consistently providing excellent service I have earned respect by hard work and working for my clients.  Please see the colleague testimonial page for tributes to my ability to help and guide others to reach for their dreams and start to live their life in the career they always wanted.

As a Global Career Development Facilitator/Career Coach I belong to the National Career Development Association and adhere to a strong code of ethics when working with my clients.  My certification is provided through the Center for Credentialing and Education which requires me to update my skills and work toward continuing education credits so I can serve my clients with new and updated information, I am also a lifetime member of Cambridge Who’s Who in Business for outstanding service.

I have a true and honest belief that others can achieve their goals and be successful in their life and career by creating a plan for success.  I want to help you  to create that plan; I want to cheer you on as you reach each goal; and I want to encourage you in your quest for change.

I am committed to providing quality service to all of my clients.

If a person chooses to use my services to help them on their quest, we will build a confidential and trusting relationship because trust is a key ingredient in a relationship of this type; during that time I will share my times of adversity and happiness and/or times of strength and struggle as well as listening and reaching out so that my clients know that I am not so different from them; I just happened to have learned some strategies and ideas and utilized those strategies to reach mygoals. I have lived a full, sometimes fun, sometimes complicated, sometimes calm, and occasionally crazy life and just like many I had to figure it out…and since I did, I want to help others.

Bringing out the best in others is the best feeling for me; I get very excited for them and I am privileged to be part of their lives. For others to see that I am a regular person with a regular life can help them see that if I can change my life in the middle and be happy and successful…so can they!

Helping out in my community has always been very important to me and I have received recognition awards from the City of American Canyon and the CA State Legislature for my volunteer work in youth services. Now since my children are grown I have switched focus and try to help in other ways. Please go to the link and view a press release on my activity.www.pr.com/press-release/225429

Mission Statement
Career Create is dedicated to providing exceptional customer service through a true and honest belief in applying a positive attitude and genuine caring for those I serve. I am committed to giving the best of myself to my clients while adhering to a specific code of ethics, showing compassion, caring, and always seeking to find the best in others. My goal is to help motivate others, help them see the best in themselves, and invite them to discover methods and ways to live and work that can fulfill their dreams and help design their future.
Our branches become entwined and together we reach for the sky…separate yet together we find our way

My soul is dressed with beams of light that I may serve as a beacon to those in the shadows who are seeking vision
Source: Micheal Teal – Poet, Philosopher and Shaman

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Colleague Statement
“Loretta is a highly experienced and productive professional in the field of Workforce Development, Job Readiness, Career Counseling, Workshop Facilitation, and Job Search Preparation. I have worked with her closely for over six years, and she has consistently been a valuable, key resource in the employment community. For three of those years, she was at Napa Valley College as a resource specialist in their career center... 
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