What does a Career Coach do?

A career coach helps you to:

Identify and clarify what you most want
Create and develop strategies for how you will achieve your goals
Gives you encouragment when you step out of your comfort zone into something new
A career coach will help you with ideas to manage a career that is harmonious with your personal and family life

What is Career Coaching?

Career Coaching is Coaching that focuses on work and career transitions, or issues around careers and ideas for employment that you may not have considered.

What is a Career Facilitator?

A person who makes it easier for others to learn and grow, or assists in and directs the implementation of processes, programs, and plans. A facilitator determines the best way to make information available to the people involved by providing the knowledge or ideas which enable persons to perform a task more effectively. This is done by listening, asking questions, providing ideas, suggesting alternatives, and identifying possible resources. A good facilitator is adept and experienced with people and people issues

How can a career coach help you?

Work takes up a major part of our lives. A career coach can help you identify what make you feel fulfilled. A career coach can help you appreciate the skills and experience that you have accumulated.A Career Coach can help you with many componants that are not generally known or acknowledged in choosing a career or changing careers such as the right attitude to take and how to stay motivated, assessment testing to help you in choosing ideas to explore, how to write and focus your resume to grab the attention of the reader. A Career Coach can help you formulate answers to interview questions so you will be prepared when talking to a potential employer and a Career Coach can help you with networking techniques and how to find opportunities.

Do I need a Career Coach?

Only you can decide if you need a Career Coach but consider that most people will change careers 5+ times in their lives, wouldn’t it be a good idea to talk to someone with the experience to navigate the waters rather than getting lost in that sea of vast options? As a Globally Certified Career Coach I am equipped and experienced and can help you look at ideas that you may not have even considered as options and I will lead you through the maze of information so you can find the best path for you.

What is the relationship between Coach and Client?

We will build a strong trusting relationship because I will share with you aspects of my life that have helped me through some of the more difficult times in my life and my career. It is important that we are honest and work closely together.  All of your information is confidential and I will honor and respect that confidentiality at all times, as I will expect respect and honesty in return.

What doesn’t a Career Coach do?

A Career Coach does not find you a job. A Career Coach is not a recruiter but rather an advocate to help you identify your goals and then support you while you work towards them.

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