This e-book is currently under updates and is not available for purchase but come back in July 2017 for the most recent version!

An e-book (short for electronic book) is an e-text that  is a computer written equivalent of a conventional printed book and are usually 50-150 pages. E-books are usually read on personal computers or smart phones, or on dedicated hardware devices known as e-book readers or e-book devices.

Setting goals is critical in any new endeavor of life whether it is professional or personal ~
In Propelled to Greatness ~ Motivate: The Difference Between Good and Great  you will learn ideas and strategies for not only setting goals, but keeping goals that can propel you forward into a great life.

Did you ever wonder why there seem to be a certain group in the population that gets exactly what they want? Do you ever wonder what drives them to success? What is it about them that propel them forward? In my e-Book “Propelled to Greatness – Motivate, the difference between good and great”  that is what we are going to talk about along with how you can be one of the few that moves forward quickly, and with purpose, to get where you want to go. You can have that life you dream of having, and you can learn to do what they do to get to the “good life” and live your dream.

This E-book could be considered a mini course from a Career Coach 

One of the most important aspects you have going for you is your attitude…if you have a great attitude you will find employers that want to add you to their staff ~ Propelled to Greatness also gives suggestions on ways to learn and keep your attitude at its best.

There is a difference between good and great and finding our way to that great place can be challenging so I offer planning ideas that can move you in a better direction if you follow a certain pathway. I have worked with hundreds of clients and have seen these techniques work over and over when implemented on a consistent basis.

Coming soon ~ Cover Letters ~ new eBook by Loretta

You often must send a cover letter with an application or resume and there are specific guidelines that everyone should follow. In my new eBook on cover letters, I give you the tips you need along with specific examples/samples of cover letters.

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Non-verbal communication is still communication
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Colleague Statement
“Loretta is a highly experienced and productive professional in the field of Workforce Development, Job Readiness, Career Counseling, Workshop Facilitation, and Job Search Preparation. I have worked with her closely for over six years, and she has consistently been a valuable, key resource in the employment community. For three of those years, she was at Napa Valley College as a resource specialist in their career center... 
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