Career Coach can help you to:         

  • Understand and research your career interest
  • Learn how to advance on the job by being a great employee
  • Help you find and identify the best career options for
  • Create a plan to get you where you want to be
  • Assist with interview preparation
  • Help you create a dynamic resume that will get you noticed
  • Work with you to plan strategies to set goals and timelines to reach
  • success
  • Support you during times of employment or career changes

It is important to come to each session with an open mind for new ideas and strategies

What should you look for in a Career Coach?


 Your coach must have a great, positive attitude

When you first talk to your coach you must have a good sense that they have your best interest at the center of your success

Your coach must have confidence in the ability they have to help you and confidence in themselves regarding their skills and knowledge

A great coach should have experience in the area(s) you are seeking to explore

I have many years  of experience working with clients on a daily basis to assist them in discovering new careers and finding employment; the experience I hold includes both group facilitation and one-on-one coaching. I have worked with clients from many different levels of work and work experience from Owner/CEO of companies that went public and sold for millions to mid-level executives;  executive assistants and clerical or customer service workers; and  entry level workers in various fields and levels of experience. I give the same care to each person and want to see you succeed in whatever  career endeavor you choose. I am an expert resume writer and have been fondly named “The Resume Queen” by colleagues that see me at work every day.

Please go to the testimonial page and read what some clients have said about my assistance.

How does Career Coaching work? 
A personal career coaching session includes one 30 minute session over the phone where we will spend time focusing on you and your career needs. It is a question and answer session to get to know each other and start to build a relationship. Subsequent sessions will be decided by us as a team depending on your individual needs and the level of coaching you would like to encompass. There are several levels of coaching with the basic coaching starting at 30 minutes of one-on-one telephone contact. This level might cover an array of various career questions you may have, practice answering interview questions and assistance in formulating answers to tough questions, attitude and motivation coaching to keep you moving in the right direction with a positive pattern, networking tips, and other “how to” aspects of the career search process.

The time will be spent on where you are now, where you think you want to go, and how to set goals to get there.

There may be practice interview question and answer sessions, preparing for an interview, job fair readiness, or networking opportunities.

Focus will be on many areas including on your resume, visualization and how to be a great employee using the skills you already have and suggestions for enhancing those skills while adding and enhancing other talents

For those wanting to advance in a career I can give tips on customer service skills, conflict resolution, workplace etiquette and more…

There will also be opportunities to join in group coaching sessions and network with others seeking similar information and sharing of ideas

>        Imagine loving what you do for a living.

>        Imagine excelling and getting ahead

>        Imagine having someone on your side that gives you the reasons

why you CAN have what you want.

>        It is possible to live your dream.

               >        I’ve helped hundreds of people. It would be an honor to help you too.

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