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How Does Career Coaching Work?
There is a reason that I chose my slogan as ‘A Beacon to Light Your Way’ and that reason is because I know and have experienced fumbling around in the dark trying to find something that I wanted for a career. I was fortunate enough that I met some wonderful mentors that helped me find my way and navigate those rough waters and now I want to do the same for you ~ I want to light your way ~ I want to be your beacon ~ I want you to have the life you dream of living and I want to make it as clear of a path as possible.
Career Coach can help you illuminate the path ahead of you so you can find the right direction and not get tossed around in a sea of unknown obstacles.
Career Coaching helps you define and clarify your career and job goals and sets smaller sub-goals to help you reach your aspirations, your dreams.
A Career Coach asks questions and works to help you find the answers to those questions. I don’t answer the questions for you, I just help guide you in a direction and take away some of the complicated pathways so you can find a less confusing route.
A Career Coach can be your biggest cheerleader as you are reaching for your goals.
The career coaching relationship is built on respect and trust. The information exchanged is always confidential and treated with care. Sometimes it is important to see where we have been so we can use lessons learned as lights on a new path. Secrets shared remain between coach and client.
A Career Coach reminds you that just because you got off track, life got in the way, or you went a different direction…you can still recreate and reinvent your dreams. As children most of us had some kind of dreams. Maybe to be a famous football hero or a famous actress in movies and when we were dreaming nothing was impossible. We could feel the roar of the crowd as we made the touchdown, or see the camera lights flashing as we walked the red carpet and it felt amazing! There is no reason that we can’t still dream like that. We just have to keep our dreams based in a basic reality. If you can’t sing then you shouldn’t dream of being a famous rock star, nor am I saying that we should go back and try to be a famous football hero or actress…but I do want to help you find a new dream and I want to help you remember what it felt like to live in that moment and experience those emotions. Those emotions…the attachment to the dream will propel you forward to reach greatness. In my E-book Propelled to Greatness on motivation and goal setting  I take you back so you remember how important those feelings are to creating the life you want. I remind you to live the dream every day in your thoughts and imagination and feel those emotions that go along with success. In our coaching sessions I will help you remember what it felt like to know that anything is possible if you want it badly enough and I will give you strategies to assist you to achieve your goals.
Career coaching can light the path so you can find your way through the maze of career choices,interview insanity, resume madness,  career fair confusion and networking nightmares.
I have been career coaching for many years and I am pleased to say that I work very hard for my clients and that my clients are very pleased with my assistance and the fact that I care about their success.
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