Résumé Writing

The purpose of a résumé is to get you into an interview so you can meet an employer face to face to show them you are the best person for the job and their company. Your career is important and you want to let the employer know immediately that you are a serious candidate. A good résumé can help you get more job interviews and make a great first impression


How does it work?  

A professional résumé critique includes you sending me your resume and we will work  together on the phone where I will be giving you recommendations on how to best showcase your unique abilities, skills, and accomplishments to gain the attention of the reader.


What is the final result?

You’ll be able to walk away with proven strategies on how you can update your résumé to make it look professional and refined. You also get one follow-up session to go over the résumé if you need or want a final critique.


Résumé Samples

I have a bank of résumé samples to give you more information and ideas on what a professional résumé will look like. These samples consist of various levels of expertise and work history so they can help if you are an entry level employee or you have many years of executive experience.


Will you write the résumé for me?

We can discuss this option at any time during the process and if I have time between coaching sessions and other duties I may provide that service. Career Coaching is my primary business but I do consider résumé writing one of my favorite types of writing so I try to do as many résumés as possible. Costs will vary depending on complexity but basic resume prices start at $250 unless I happen to be running a special. If you require a CV or other complex resume prices will vary but generally start at $500 and go up in cost from that starting point.

Interviewing is where you win the job!

The résumé has grabbed the attention of an employer and you are ready for the interview but do you know how to answer those important questions with ease? I can help you formulate answers, help you practice them, give you examples of “trap” questions, and give you ideas on how to answer if “questionable” questions come up.


Additional tips and information

Clothing and grooming to make a great first impression will also be covered. Did you know that there is a basic jewelry count (how many pieces of jewelry are too much) or that closed toed shoes will make a stronger impression than sandals in most professional environments?

Click here for free resume samples. Remember to put the word "samples" in the information box Contact us

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